Are you thinking of establishing your own casino? Or perhaps you wish to host a weekly game in your home’s basement? No matter what your plan is, you can easily get the roulette supplies you need weather for a massive commercial operation or a home operation. Before you make random purchases and rush out to establish a casino, you will need to consider the following items.

For roulette, you will need a table. You can choose from plenty of sizes to choose from. However if you wish to have a customized table, you can build your own roulette tables. You can easily find kits to take the DIY route. You also have the option of deciding whether you want a stationary table or folding roulette tables as both tables have their own uses. When you are buying roulette items, you need to make sure that you have a good board as well. The boards have been divided into two categories based on their use for either casinos or home.

Roulette balls might seem straightforward but you can actually find multiple sizes in these balls. The size of the roulette ball is not measured by its physical size but its compatibility with the size of wheel. It is critical that you match the right size of the ball with the right wheel. Roulette like any other casino game requires chips and you have several styles to choose from. Clay and composite are the most popular styles available in the roulette chips. While buying wheel, make sure that it not only meets your needs but also measures up to the ball size you choose. The wheel usually is the most expensive part of the set so you should invest carefully.

The supplies of roulette are in abundance where you a basement warrior or a seasoned casino owner. If you are thinking to buy a new set of roulette and other supplies then now would be a great time for you to read up on the different available poker chip set

When it comes to buying poke chip sets, it can be a daunting task to know what you are looking at with so many qualities and styles available in the market. Often times, the quality is misrepresented by the companies in the market in order to sell their roulette supplies products. You can avoid being trapped by such companies through this guide. This guide will help you understand a quality and price perspective and help you find exactly the right poker set for you.

One of the first considerations when buying this set is to determine the number of chips you need. If you simply want a set for home playing for 5-7 people then you will require at least 300 chips with a correct split of denominations and colours to match your game. The amount of money you would play for will help you understand how many chips you will require to play. A safe bet would be to have 500 chips. Get at least 4 denominations and colours with highest valued colour and denominations being the less chip.

The next consideration is how much you wish to spend on this set. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at the set of 500 chips. The price range for these chips range anywhere from $30 all the way up to $10,000. Determine the exact budget you are willing to spend and that will help you determine the type of poker chip you will purchase. You can find many poker chips including true clay, ceramic, bud Jones style, plastic and miscellaneous.

Another consideration is to decide if you are simply looking for a playing set or a collectible set. This factor will be driven by price or you can control the price. If you decide on buying a collectible set then you can find it from a retired casino. will  give you more value overtime. However a simple playing set can be acquired from any regular shop. 

Are you planning to establish a casino at your home for your family and friends? Today, you can find a wide variety in set at an equally varying cost. From inexpensive plastic chips to clay and composite chips, you can find a variety of several sets in different designs. If quality is not your concern in developing a proper casino at home and you are willing to play with lightweight plastic poker chips then it is easy to buy a plastic set. You can head over to the nearest big box store such as Target, Al-Mart and K mart and see what design and cost are available. The plastic sets don’t cost much and last as long as you want them to.

If you are interested in purchasing a heavier set that are used in casinos and on television shows like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, you will want to have a look into composite poker set or clay poker set. The chips in these two sets come in different weights including 7.5gm, 8.5gm, 9gm, 11.5gm, 13gm and 13.5gm. The heavier sets are more desirable as the chips in these sets provide better sound when clicking against each other and better tactile experience.

Composite and clay chips in these sets are available in two colours, single solid colour with a pattern imprinted and three colours. You should consider buying a set with two colour chips as these chips have an excellent look. You can also go for three colour chips but they are relatively expensive. These chips come in a variety id design styles including suited (four card suits are imprinted around the chip), dice (the chip has each side of dice printed on it) and diamond (the chip has a series of diamonds imprinted in it). So choose the poker chip set as per your budget and requirement and experience casino at your home with your friends and family. 



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    July 2013